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We take all the hassle out of managing your bank account.

Take Control

Better than a corporate card, we track everything you need to keep control of your spending.

Accepted Everywhere

Physical and virtual cards are based on the Mastercard network.

Track Expenses

We track users, categories, and merchants to assign expenses to the proper account.

Get Reports

Advanced analytics help you understand your data, company spending, and recurring costs.

More secure than your local bank

Totally Secure

Cutting edge, military-grade security.

Accessed Anywhere

No more trips to the branch, all banking happens via web or mobile app.

Smarter cards keep you in full control.

Total Control Over Spending

Give specific employees/volunteers access to highly customizable rule-based spending.

Full Visibility

Notifications keep directors in the loop and direct integrations keep your bookkeeping up-to-date.

Zero Fees

Did we mention we don't charge any fees? There is a little cost if you have a larger organization (helps us support you better) but our product is totally free for the majority of you!

Also, if you're tired of being nickel & dimed to death by your current bank, we don't charge for all the banking tasks you need to accomplish in pursuit of your mission (excludes 3rd party fees like wiring money).

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Full access to all features, free for up to 2 cardholders.

Up to 2 cardholders
Unlimited Balances
Analytics Dashboard
Global Acceptance
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Invite the rest of your team for a small monthly fee.

Up to 5 cardholders
Unlimited Balances
Analytics Dashboard
Global Acceptance
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Add priority support and a dedicated banker.

Over 5 cardholders
Unlimited Balances
Analytics Dashboard
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"ALPHA will help us focus on our mission instead of wrangling receipts"

Tim; Christ's Church of Deer Park

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Banking has increasingly gone mobile and online, but as usual non-profits are left behind. This is a dedicated business bank account for non-profits, designed to reduce the complexity and time requirements of banking.

What does it cost?

Depends on your size. While we ourselves are a non-profit, as you know there are still costs to keep the lights on and the servers humming. We charge a little bit for mid-size companies and a little bit more if you need more than 5 spenders on your account.

Tell me more about your security.

Aside from the completely locked-down nature of our connections and software, our partner bank has a really good handle on your money too.
On your end, we encourage 2-Factor Authentication and use passive biometrics to make sure you

What documentation is required when applying ?

We'll need the basics of your organization's business info, EIN, and formation documents. If you have your 501(c)(3) docs too that's great, but we can also work with new orgs or those that use a Fiscal Sponsor.

Why did you do this?

We've run companies and other non-profits. We know the challenges you face and what it takes to be successful. While this started out as a digital bank for small businesses, it became a greater calling.

How do I know you're legit?

While we are not ourselves a bank, we are partnered with a Federally Insured, Nationally Chartered Bank. Think of us as the really cool software that sits between you and the bank, letting you do things you never thought possible and turning a simple bank account into a legitimate financial tool.

What's the real benefits?

If it wasn't clear above;

No branches = access anywhere
No business hours = access anytime
Low-to-no cost and zero fees= save money
Simple and transparent = save time
Built and supported by a non-profit = help us help you help others!

What regulations do I need to know about?

Once you've opened an account, there will be a few obscure laws that may come into play if you're sending/receiving funds from foreign countries or raking in large donations from just a few individuals. We'll walk you through those cases if they ever apply to your situation.

We're here to support you;
so you can focus on your mission.

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