Serving the underserved

50+ Million

Small businesses don't have fast access (or any access) to capital

7+ Million

Veteran, minority & women owned businesses


Average American
(non-mortgage) personal debt.


Americans with less than
$1000 to their names

Easy to understand, harder to put into practice.

The core of Financial Health:

pay bills on time
& in full

When the bills pile up, it's harder to dig yourself out.

It's not just a numbers thing, it's how it impacts your emotions. Being late on the bills can really drag you down.

Plan ahead

Set goals so you can move toward them.

You'll never arrive if you don't know where you're going. Put a simple plan in place and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can achieve it.

Save for the unexpected

Murphey's Law.

By spending less, planning ahead, and saving up for an emergency, not only will you feel better about yourself, but you'll be ready to tackle problems with a clear head.

Keep debt to a minimum

Mortgages excluded.

Less debt means less problems, and more chances to live the life you really want. If you're buried in debt, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can do this!

protect your future with insurance

Life altering events happen all the time. Don't let them derail you.

Car accidents. Medical Bills.
Bad weather. House fires. You can't foresee them, but you can be ready.

Build long-term savings

Look forward and build wealth.

Living a life below your means allows you to enjoy your retirement. Planning way ahead means you can enjoy the sunsets without the money problems that stress you out.

Spend less than you make

In life and in business.

It may sound simple, but everywhere you look you're being told to spend, spend, spend. Only then will you be happy. The inverse is true, put yourself first and spend less.

It's in our DNA

Our Values:

Honesty & Integrity

Not just words on the wall, they are the very foundation of who we are.


Value is more than just a dollar-store mantra, it's always pushing to make sure we are valuable to you.

Financial Inclusion

We believe banking is a basic human right, no matter who you are.

Economic Health

When the American people and businesses are financially healthy, the economy can be healthy.


Nothing to hide, legal documents anyone can read, and wearing our motives on our sleeves.

Debt as a last resort

We promote savings, planning, and understanding. We will never push credit, but have it if you need it.

Like a Plague

We Stand Against:

Predatory Lending

Payments you'll never get out of. Rates that suck you dry. Terms that nobody understands. It's those things that put good people on a slippery slope.

Deceptive Banking

"Free Checking" isn't really free is it? Ours is! On a grander scale, it's also refusing to pull shady stunts like what caused the 2008 crisis.


Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Balloon Payments. Daily pay at exorbitant rates. These were designed for one-thing: to sell an enticing product with a killer secret.

Misuse of trust

Banking scandals are becoming the norm, but people turn a blind eye soon after because there are no other options. Now there is.

Peddling harmful products

Perhaps the reason our country, business, and individual debt levels are in crisis, we are constantly told it's normal to pay crazy rates.


It's not just about the lavish parties and inconsequential spending, its when there is an opportunity to charge less, they won't take it.

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