Non-Profit Accounts

Smart businesses need a smart bank.

Totally Free

No fine print, no tricks. Totally free banking that works for you.

Super simple: we want to help you succeed. All the other banks will nickel & dime you to death, and we reject that model. We believe that your mission is critical, no matter what your non-profit does. You're a different breed, so are we, and we're here to support you.

Everything your bank can do from the palm of your hand

You never have to drive to a branch again!

Deposit checks, pay bills, see other account balances, apply for a loan or credit card, get clear info about transactions, and connect with our amazing customer service to get any problems solved quickly.

Tools built just for you

As a non-profit, one size doesn't fit all!

Perhaps you got an accounting degree, but most likely neither you nor anyone on your team did. Keeping track of the incoming and outgoing money for a non-profit is a specialized job, and we excel at it! We'll help set aside the right amounts for future expenses coming up, and let you give other volunteers spending power with rules YOU create. We integrate with any other business apps you use and give real-time, relevant financial insight at any time of day that works for you.

Mic Drop

Nobody does more for YOU...

Any bank can give you the basics: Online account, fraud prevention, FDIC Insurance, Debit Card, and ATM use.
We took it a bit further:

  • No Fees, Ever.

  • Transparent, understandable legal documents.

  • Helping you save for the things that matter.

  • Guiding you toward savings and wealth, away from debt and credit.

  • Complete financial status - keep your other accounts but see them in our app.

  • Pay bills instantly - on time and totally free.

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