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Smart banking built for you.



Joint Accounts

Joint Accounts

Family Accounts

Family Accounts

Specially designed for families of all sizes

Access anytime, anywhere.

We believe in the future of the digital economy, and built personal banking services for you around that. You'll never need to visit a branch again, and we'll always be around to answer your questions no matter how you choose to connect.

Dedicated to your success.

Our mission is to guide you to your financial goals, and that means going above and beyond being a "safe place to store your money." We're at the forefront of digital technologies and are dedicated to using them to make life easier for YOU. Get all your financial vital stats at a glance, save up for goals that matter to you, and get credit when you need it.

Make your money work for you.

Life is going to throw a lot at you, try to knock you down. Our new, just-for-you software is a true partner, help you prepare, plan, and be resilient. We'll help you understand how the money flows through your life, how to plan for the future, and build the dream you always wanted.

We're a little different

Safe & Secure

Better than Military Grade.

We'll fend off every cyber attack out there, and you'll never know the difference.

Trust & 

We'll prove it to you.

Sure, it can be hard to trust something new. We're here to EARN that trust.

Everything you love about banking...

Awesome Customer Service

Empowered to help you.

No more waiting, phone chains, or language barriers. Simple, effective, helpful.

Simple & Easy

No instructions needed.

Ever read the instructions for a new iPhone? Neither have we. Banking tech that is intuitive and useful.

Get Paid

Any way you like.

Write up a quick invoice and request payment from any email address or cell phone number.

Instant & Accessible

Never visit a branch again.

Digital banking on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop any time, any place.

High interest rates

For saving your money.

Do we lend money? Sure, and at low rates, but we'd rather you saved up!

Socially REsponsible

Not just checking the box.

Doing it right means treating people fairly and standing up for the underserved.

No Fees, No Cost

Keep your nickels & dimes.

Seriously. No strings attached. We make money other ways, see the blog for more info.

We Don't Push Credit

Make more than you spend.

Simple words of wisdom, but hard to live by. We'll help you pay off debt and SAVE for the things that matter to you.

No Alterior Motives

Transparency is our middle name.

You deserve to know why we do what we do, and how we plan to get there.

Anti-Wall Street

2008 Crisis anyone?

The American people are the heart of our great country. You deserve better.

Nothing that you don't!

Mic Drop

Nobody does more for YOU...

Any bank can give you the basics: Online account, fraud prevention, FDIC Insurance, Debit Card, and ATM use.
We took it a bit further:

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    No Fees, Ever.

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    Transparent, understandable legal documents.

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    Helping you save for the things that matter.

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    Guiding you toward savings and wealth, away from debt and credit.

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    Complete financial status - keep your other accounts but see them in our app.

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    Pay bills instantly - on time and totally free.

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