Native American Banking

Smart Banking for Tribal Nations, Businesses, & Members

Completely Unified

Never before has your bank felt like part of the family.

We get it. The struggles, the changes, the future is constantly in flux. Let us take a burden off your shoulders and walk alongside you into that future. We're a new kind of bank, one thats dedicated to the success of you and your members.

Cost Savings

With the tribal government, businesses, and members all using the same bank, the possibilities are endless!

Just in cost savings, any transactions between accounts at our bank mean zero transaction fees. That's right, anytime a tribal member pays a business or the government for anything and they both have an account with us, the transaction happens instantly and at zero cost to anybody.

Tools built just for you

Data is valuable. Wield it's power.

Although we cannot give you specific information about members and their accounts, we can anonymize that data and give you insight into the tribe as a whole. This can be especially useful for planning and development.

Pay & Get Paid

Any person, any device, instantly.

With unlimited physical and virtual cards, you can give purchasing power to any employee you deem fit. We took it a step further and let managers set spending rules that don't stop at spending limits, but also types of purchases, location fences, and time-of-day restrictions. You assume a lot of risk letting employees spend your money, and we've got your back.

Specially designed ATM's

Each ATM is like an entire branch.

Even though we believe in the digital economy and that physical cash money is going extinct, there are times tribal members will need a cash top-up. We'll install our custom-branded ATMs anywhere you like for easy access, and include extra functionality like emergency buttons. Traveling outside the reservation? No worries, use any of our other 58,000 ATM's for free!

Mic Drop

Nobody does more for YOU...

Any bank can give you the basics: Online account, fraud prevention, FDIC Insurance, Debit Card, and ATM use.
We took it a bit further:

  • No Fees, Ever.

  • Transparent, understandable legal documents.

  • Helping you save for the things that matter.

  • Guiding you toward savings and wealth, away from debt and credit.

  • Complete financial status - keep your other accounts but see them in our app.

  • Pay bills instantly - on time and totally free.

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